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What's in My Hospital Bag: What I Brought and What I Left at Home

My three previous pregnancies have taught me a whole lot about what makes a great hospital bag for your post-childbirth hospital stay.

I’d have to admit that during my first childbirth experience, I packed everything I could – what the doctor said I’d bring, what other moms recommended, and what I thought I’d need.

After giving birth to my third child, I finally identified the essentials – the best items that truly deserved that slot in your hospital bag.

Packing my hospital bag for my fourth delivery was a breeze because I already knew what I’d be really, really needing.

But First, Let Me Start with What I No Longer Included in my Bag

Confession: I’m a mom who always make sure I come prepared. When it came to packing my hospital bag before, I stuffed everything I thought was important.

Not all were needed, so I ended up losing space for things that actually mattered.

If you’re starting to assemble your hospital bag, here are some things I would suggest you won’t bring any more.

Snacks, Food, Drinks, The Munchies

I often included packed goodies in my hospital bags before, until I realized the hospital was feeding me well. The food I got from well-wishers didn’t get noticed until after we came back from the hospital.

Packed munchies do come in handy after going home when all you want to do is take that long rest.

Baby Diapers, Wipes, Baby Outfits

The hospital provides all the diapers and wipes your baby will be needing the entire hospital stay. If you do need to bring some, just bring enough. Diapers and wipes are bulky and space-consuming, so it’s best to make use of the supply from the hospital.

Definitely have one outfit to go home in and appropriate outerwear.

Fashionable Clothing for Mom

Style is eternal, momma, but we’re probably going to find ourselves hating dressing up when we’re tired from all the newborn demands.

You won’t be going down a hospital runway, so no need to pack lots of clothing for you.

What to Include In Your Hospital Bag

For my fourth delivery, I made sure these items were in my baby and hospital bag.

Birth Plan

I want everything to be clear for the medical providers and health practitioners from the get-go. If you have a special request (for me, I provide instructions for encapsulating my placenta), write everything down in the birth plan.

Comfy and Cute Delivery Gowns or PJs

Just have some options ready for those moments when you’re not comfortable wearing the hospital gown.

Supportive Tops and Bottoms

The key here is comfort and easy access. Bringing convenient clothes can also save you from the trouble of dressing up with all the things attached to you.

Breastfeeding Pump

This one is for breastfeeding moms. You can practice with the machine under the guidance of a medical professional while you’re staying in the hospital.


You will be needing comfy socks and flip-flops to shower in and comfy shoes to wear home.

Car Seat, Phone Charger, Headset, IDs, and Insurance Cards

For these essentials, I make sure I have an extra small bag inside my hospital bag for these small but important items.

Give Birth Prepared, Momma

Childbirth is one of the best experiences, especially when you’re not caught off guard because you forgot your must-haves.

Focus on the important items so you can give birth without worries.

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