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Own That Interview: 6 Powerful Interview Tips That Will Win You The Job

First impressions last, and most of the time, they win you opportunities.

There’s no denying that being interviewed by a panel for a prestigious job or a big project is one of the most nerve-wracking things one can do. So many things go into interviews – preparation, practicing your pitch, and even planning your outfit all to give the impression that you’re the best one for the job.

I’ve been building my career for decades and have had my fair share of interview experiences. I have begun to recognize a pattern for all the job interviews I have aced.

In this blog, I’m sharing my best interview secrets that will make the panel eager and excited to hire you!

Tip #1: Know Those Who Are in the Panel

Presenting yourself is great, but connecting with the panel will work wonders for you.

Have you had that experience where somebody started a conversation, and how that convo shifted when both of you realized you have so many things in common?

When the people in the panel find it easy to connect with you, they will start to really tune in at that moment! They will not just hear what you’re saying – you can also make a mark!

LinkedIn and Google can help you if you’re looking into knowing the interests of your interviewers.

Tip #2: Make your Resume Stand Out

Can you imagine the effect of having an aesthetic and concise resume in a sea of job applications that look the same?

I love jumping on Etsy and looking for resumé templates that elevate the professional feel of my document. Templates cost $10 or less in some cases, but it’s such a worthy investment if you want to stand out.

Tip #3: Send Pre-Interview Thank You Emails to Interviewers

Make an impression before you even step into the interview room by sending Thank You emails.

In your email, you can indicate how honored you are for the opportunity to be interviewed and your key capabilities that make you worthy of the job.

As much as possible, send a personalized email to each interviewer. Consider what makes each panel member interested and excited to interview you.

Use facts about the business or the person you researched to make your points and make a good impression.

Tip #4: Prepare for Answers That You Can Spin All Throughout Your Interview

Preparing for questions is a sure-proof way of presenting yourself confidently – it saves you from getting caught off guard during the interview.

Now, I don’t mean you’ll bring an entire notepad filled with scribbled answers (but if that works for you, go for it!). I have a brilliant trick on how to prepare for interview questions.

Think of your top five situations or examples that demonstrate your operational, strategic, leadership, and collaborative abilities, and be prepared to use those examples to spin in any question asked.

Not only will you appear capable and confident, but you won’t feel all over the place when answering.

Tip #5: Ask for the Job

Now this tip sounds unconventional because most of us are programmed to be polite and stay within boundaries, right?

I say push the boundaries a little. You’ve presented yourself well. You’ve made an impactful close. The panel knows you are someone to reckon with.

Ask for the job because most people don’t. This will show the panel you know you are the right person for the job.

Tip #6: Create a Powerful Close Right After the Interview

I call this “giving them a reason why they should not let you go” moment.

You’ve given them a solid first impression. Time to give them something that will make them stamp the word “Hired” to your file.

You can send your usual thank you note, but you can also leave a lasting impression by adding a video close or a document with your 90-day plan that is cohesive and concise.

Here’s how I did one of mine. Link here.

By letting them know your capacity and by emphasizing through a mighty close that you know what you’re doing, you can walk out the room knowing you got the job.

Interviews are challenging, but we can always use them as an opportunity to stand out.

If you have an interview soon, don’t forget these tips. Show them that hiring you is a big win!

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