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The Egon Zehnder Executive Assessment Model

Have you ever stepped inside a room and felt like “This is it – this is the place where I’m meant to be right now.”

I live for moments where my life’s purpose is evidently revealed; moments when my inner voice tells me “Yes, Toya. You belong here.”

That incredible realization hit me hard when I went through the Egon Zehnder executive assessment a few weeks ago. The assessment evaluates an executive’s potential to succeed in larger more complex roles.

If you know me, you probably know I always go big with my goals. I have to be honest – a higher position feels intimidating and overwhelming. However, when you’re aiming for the stars, you just have to put up with the feeling of inadequacy with sheer grit and determination.

So even though a part of me was quivering a little, I walked into the room full of consultants and showcased my abilities.

This is my Egon Zehnder experience.

The Interview

The Egon Zehnder is an assessment that heavily focuses on highlighting an executive’s capacity to take on a whole new level of leadership.

The assessment process includes personal interviews with consultants; feedback from people that have worked for you, previous leaders, mentors, mentees or people you are currently working with; and studying your CV for significant experiences and backgrounds.

One of the significant portions of the assessment was the panel interview. During this part of the process, panelists asked me questions to help them get a glimpse of my background, my childhood, my experiences, and challenges that molded me into the executive that I currently am.

For these kinds of assessments, it’s crucial to be as natural as possible. You don’t need to impress – you just need to let them see who you are as a person, leader, and executive. The more you share, the more they are able to come up with impressions that could almost blow you away.

Honestly, my results from that interview validated to me why my background has truly helped propel me up to this point.

The panelists were able to conclude that I am a driven individual with a strong ability to multi-task and figure things out easily. They have also noted that my past and current performance has been consistently done at a level beyond my age.

They drew impressions from my background and my young life; impressions that allowed them to say that I had learned a strong sense of responsibility at an early age helping to care for my special needs sister while also thriving in school and extracurricular activities.

The Leadership Capabilities

The assessment highlighted something I am really proud of – it revealed that I demonstrate strong team leadership and understanding on how to motivate and handle direct reports on an individual basis.

I am all about learning the market so I can help the company gain better positioning. I was thrilled when I read that one of the evaluation comments said I have a “strong understanding of the market, competitors and understands the necessity to speed.”

The remarks made a mark, and I am now more determined to drive my team further.

Areas for Growth

As I take on bigger roles, I need to consider areas for my growth based on the assessments. The assessment noted that I could improve more on influencing and setting longer term strategy for the company. Grateful that I am currently in a position that trains me on how to strategize better for the long haul.

My Standout Traits

As a leader, I have qualities that make me a force to reckon with. According to my results, I am:

Naturally curious about the world. I tend to enjoy new experiences that allow me to learn and grow. Highly interested in other cultures. Learning and valuing people is second nature to me. I know how to take complex situations and break them down. Skilled in building human connections, and inspiring people to do their best. I am a determined individual, as proven over the course of my life and workplace status.

Leadership Story

Based on the assessment, my capacity for leadership extends to so much more. My willpower is strong, and limits are non-existent in my book. I am thrilled to know that through my hard work, high goals, strong work ethic, and talents, I am considered as someone ready to take on bigger leadership roles in the company.

My Thoughts About the Assessment

Honestly, I am not shocked or surprised by the results. The assessment was an affirmation for me more than anything. One major thing that it made me realize is that I should not be taking the work/life balance lightly. I want to find balance to thrive and become highly functional in both work and personal. I don’t want to sacrifice missing recitals, games, key milestones for my family due to work, but I also aspire to become the CEO or C-Suite Leader and know the commitment and dedication to get through.

These are things powerful working moms juggle everyday, no one size fits all and the balance is constantly evolving but I will give it 2000% to ensure that I am successful at both.

I believe that with sheer grit and perseverance, a woman can have it all.

Have you taken leadership assessments before? What results stand out the most to you?

-Latoya Smith

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05 jun 2022

This Article is so enlightening. I'm able to see you in a different light. I'm so proud of the woman you've become. May God continue to bless you and your family.🙏🙏🙏

Me gusta
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